24- Hour Recall

​24-hour recalls are so crucial in tracking a patient's progress. It is exciting to see how patients shift their diets as they come to your visits. A 24-hr recall should have the time they consume their meals and what time they wake up. Breakfast, lunch, and dinner are the standard meals, however some patients do not consume meals in this order. Be aware of how you phrase your questions, but use the sheet as guide. The amount of fluid a patient drinks is also important to track in each visit.

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Food Diary

Different patients require different logs. For our diabetes patient, blood glucose levels are important, so on that food log, it tracks the food they eat and the glucose levels as well. Another food log we provide is catered to a more general population. It splits up the day into vegetables, proteins, and starches to ensure they covered the bases of a healthy meal. We also provide exercise logs to help patients track their progress.

Click here to view a sample food dairy of a diabetic patient: