Initial Assessment

Initial Assessment sheets are used for a client's first visit. It is an in-depth evaluation about the client's lifestyle, medical history, food and nutrient intake. This is also a good time to ask about where the client gets his or her food and who prepares it as well. Anthropometric measurements such as body mass index (BMI) and weight are important measurement tools to track a client's growth and change that we need to collect at the beginning. Exercise routine should also be established in the initial assessment and evaluated in the follow-up. 

​Here is the questionnaire:

Follow-up Assessment

Follow-up assessment sheets are used for additional visits after the initial. Medical history and family history is no longer needed on this form because it has been recorded in the initial visit. The follow-up sheets will focus on signs and symptoms that client is currently facing (weakness, hunger, cramps, dizziness, etc). A 24-hr recall is used again to keep track of the client's diet record. Additional information is provided to a client once we learn more about him or her. For example, we learn that a diabetic client enjoys making smoothies. So in the follow-up visit, smoothie recipes can be provided along with a diabetic swap list for fruits and vegetable. 

Here is an sample follow-up assessment packet for the diabetic patient: